Pisces Dropper


Pisces Dropper



February 19th – March 20th

This roll on helps support their gift of being intuitive, understanding, and sensitive.

This Roll On Blend Includes:

Frankincense – To ground and open consciousness, and to connect with the divine during meditation.

Ylang Ylang – When we want to feel confident and assured.

Vetiver – When we are feeling exhausted, depleted, or disconnected from our spiritual path.

Clary Sage – To help develop intuition.



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“I absolutely love my Goodness Gracious Pisces roll-on! I don’t leave the house without it.  The Pisces blend of oils help me feel confident when I’m out in the world and reminds me to slow down and stay grounded.  As a highly anxious person, this roll-on has become an essential part of my self-care practice and inhaling it throughout the day has became a sort of ritual to calm my mind.  I love wearing this as a light perfume as well, especially since it is natural and chemical free! I’m so happy to use a product made by someone that weaves intention into everything they create- and to feel the intention with every application. ” Sarah Corbett


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