Scorpio Dropper


Scorpio Dropper



October 21st – November 21st

They make great healers. Scorpios have the ability to insightfully see deep within their patient / client. They can encourage the patient to go into their own dark scary psychological and emotional place without fear. They extend a strong sense of trust to the client. Offering them the light to see into their own personal world. This roll on helps assist the journey in this dark and deep inner world.

This Dropper Blend Includes:

Frankincense – Compassion, and spiritual understanding

Patchouli – Awaken kundalini energy

Myrrh – Psychic sensitivity, and protection on journeys to the spirit realm.

Vetvier – Grounding, protection and consciousness

Cedarwood – Protection, purification of magical spaces or beings, and aura cleansing



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